Project Manger  Assist you with your career needs and wants (within the company standards and reach) He or She will book all your services and tour dates. Your project manager will manage your project connecting your project to the marketing, publicity, and A&R Departments. Your project manager will suggest a plan structure (services) for your project. Your project manager will assist you in the process.

 Marketing Department- will review your project with the project manager and A&R Departments then will suggest a image and branding (services) plan. The Marketing department will coordinate with the art department to make sure your project is marketable and ready for public viewing.The Marketing department will coordinate with the tour manager taking any  extra to support the  promotional item and have them ready for show dates and all events.

 Branding- we take your project/image and connect it  to latest technology, search engines, combining with public relation, marketing, and form a plan strategy to cross markets into a mass range of demographic and consumers.

Sales - your sales team will coordinate with the promotions and Art Department to insure your packaging for your project is consumer ready connecting with distribution outlets

Retail / Online- Your sales team will plan with the Marketing department to set up a merchandise structure connecting with tour manager for all merchandising opportunities at events and on tour. 

Booking- you’re booking agent will handle all booking for events, services and tours. Planning and connecting with your tour manager and project manager to make sure all dates and meetings are met.Project Manager - Help turn your project/vision to reality


Promo Shows / Events 2018 Promo 200- $500 per City 

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New Orleans


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Entertainment  Consulting


Public Relations -using all alliances connections. Bartering and trade services we connect you to the public, helping you establish an image that is recognize and respected. We will work with the art, marketing, and A&R department to insure your project is in the eye of the public (consumers) making sure your vision is our vision.

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Magazine Placement


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Additional Service & Programs

Publicity- We help gain public visibility by bringing awareness to the media. We communicate, establish, and maintain the communications with the public.

New media -To create an on-demand access to content to digital device, as well as interactive user feedback, and creative participation with consumer.

Business affairs- We help manage your payroll and bookkeeping

Label liaison- We are the bridge between the unsigned Artists and Majors Record Labels.

The legal department- We assist you with deals with contracts.

The promotion department, help artist ensures the artist's songs are played on the radio.

Graphics - we help creative your vision to reality.